Top 5 Activities to do in Phuket

1.Island Hopping – Banana Beach

Source: @bananabeachkohhey

If you’re in Phuket, it’s a must to do island hopping to discover the beauty of this island. How about Banana Beach at Koh Hey. Koh Hey means Coral Island in Thai! There are lots of activities that you could do on this island. You get to do glass-bottom kayaking, snorkeling, banana boating, parasailing and scuba diving! You also get to stroll along the beach or swim in the crystal clear waters.

2. Old Phuket Town

Source: @theluxurysignature

Old Phuket town is a historical town that is part of Phuket City. An old town is definitely a hippie place to go to! You could find nice historical building, museum and trendy polished-concrete cafe.

3.Bangla Road

Source: @jellyjellojae

If you’re into nightlife or would like to look for places to chill, you should totally visit Bangla Road! Bangla Road is the heart of all Phuket Nightlife raging from bars, live music, clubs and ‘shows’. Besides that, you will also find lots of open-air bars with girls demonstrating their pole dancing skills with their sky-high heels!

4. Cafe Hopping

Source: @jellyjellojae

Yup, in Phuket Old Town, you get to find lots of cafe with an interesting concept! The photo here is a cafe named Bookhemian. They have shelves that consist of books and art magazines. It definitely insta-worthy and great for browsing while waiting for your drinks and desserts.

5. Chillva Market

Source: @willythuan

Whenever in Thailand, I will make a point to visit the night market. Over there, you could find lots of local teenagers hanging around. Chillva has a mix of shops, market stalls, bars, restaurants, food stalls, nail parlor and live music!


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