How To Make A Confession On Valentine’s Day

1. Dress Well

Keep it clean and casual, however, do not overdress yourself or it may seem that you are trying too hard.

2. Meet Somewhere Cozy

It could be a usual place that you and your crush always hang out at. Be it a bar or a restaurant, it has to be somewhere cozy and chill so you could let all your feelings out.

3. Be Subtle

Drop hints and flirt a little, however, remember to keep it casual or else you might scare your crush away!

4. Take A Sip Of Alcohol

If you are afraid of speaking your mind, take a sip of alcohol to keep yourself calm. It works wonder. *My friend told me.

5. Build Your Courage

Take it easy! Tell yourself, “If not now, then when?!” Think about it, your crush agrees to hang out with you on Valentine’s day, you basically won half of the battle.

6. Confession

When you are ready, tell your crush how you feel about him/her. Do not hold yourself back.

7. Acceptance

If your crush feels the same way as you do,¬† we feel happy for you! However, if he/she doesn’t feel the same, accept it with an open mind. Who knows one day your crush might realize his/her feelings for you!

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