6 Things Not To Do During Chinese New Year

1. Owe Debts

Clear all the debts before Chinese New Year or else you would be really bad in luck and I’m sure nobody would want it to happen, right? At the same time, clearing your debts would also prevent it from being accumulated over the years.

2. No Spring Cleaning

Try to sweep the floor before New Year Eve as sweeping should not be done during the Chinese New year as the Chinese believed that the fortune will be swept away! Sweep towards you if you really have to clear a mess.

3. Avoid taking medicine.

Avoid taking medicine on the first day of Chinese New Year as the Chinese believed that he/she who takes medicine on the day would fall ill for the rest of the year. It is regarded as a taboo.

4. Do Not Eat Porridge

Avoid eating porridge during Chinese New Year as the Chinese believed that only the poor people take porridge for breakfast. It is bad to start the new year being “poor”.

5. Do Not Wash Your Hair And Clothes

Avoid washing your hair on the first day of Chinese New Year as the word “hair” in Chinese, “发” has the same character as 发财 (fa cai), which means “to be wealthy”. If you were to wash your hair on that day, you would be washing away all your wealth too.

6. Do Not Wear Black And White

Avoid wearing black and white on Chinese New Year as it is associated with mourning. It is best to wear red during Chinese New Year to welcome all the positive energy and luck!

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