5 Keys To A Healthier Relationship

1. Affection

– Kiss your partner as you leave for work and ask about their day as you pick them up from work
– Give them a light massage after a long day at work
– Cook their favorite dish once in a while
– Compliment each other and pay attention to the changes they made to themselves
– Surprise them with gifts occasionally

2. Listen And Communicate

– Pay attention to their needs
РListen the intent to understand and not listen with the intent to reply
– Communicate instead of giving each other the cold shoulder
– Look into their eyes when they are speaking
– Avoid making judgemental comments

3. Provide Space

– Be independent and give each other space to breathe
– Allow your partner to grow without relying on you
– Focus on yourself when your partner needs space
– Do not restrict your partner from hanging out with their friends
– Do not question them on why they need space

4. Mutual Respect

– Do not stalk them at work
– Do not check on their phone or social media
– Do not put your partner down at all time
– Respect their social life and let them hang out with their own friends
– Respect their family and do not talk bad about them to your partner

5. Trust

– Do not doubt their love for you
– Do not make assumptions
– Believe in their dreams and goals
– Have faith in your future
– Keep your promises so your partner could put their trust in you

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