5 Fun Things To Do On Valentine’s Day 2018

Valentine Day, February 14 is a day that celebrates love and friendship. It’s a day for you to show how much you appreciate your other half for being there for you. You could do a small little handmade card for your love or friends to tell them how much he/she means to you and recount some of the best times you’ve together!

Those in a relationship and some women that probably doesn’t really care about Valentine’s Day because they rather you show how much you love them every day and not just on February 14. Instead of over the top celebration, why not try out something new fun and challenging! Both could try something neither of you has ever done before! Not just Valentine’s Day but every other day! With new adventure, both of will always remember how crazy you guys were and saying ‘yes’ to your crazy and fun idea!


Source: @glamping.society

In case you don’t know,  glamping = glamour + camping.Glamping is obviously the next level of camping with a dash of colours, comfort, unique theme and novelty.How about spending a night at East Coast Park with your loved ones or your girlfriends? A wonderful idea for you to reconnect with the natural and at the same time nestle under the lights of the city on the cosy inflatable mattress and sipping on champagne.    

2. Plan a Picnic Date

It’s summer in Singapore all year round. It’s definitely pretty romantic to be surrounded by sea breeze where you enjoy delicious food and drinks. A picnic date is definitely the best idea where both of you could enjoy the golden evening light under the shade of the tree. 

3. Fly Kites

Flying a kite is definitely different from flying a drone, it requires some mechanical skills. It’s definitely a joy for both of you to see your kite fly up in the skies. Just two of you, worry-free with an awesome view at Marina Barrage.

4. Ice Skating

I feel that ice skating is one of the best dates because you get to hold hands with your date romantically the entire time. Also, you could also fall for him literally at the same time! Well, it’s cold at the ice skating rink so you could snuggle up with your date when you’re freezing!

5. Outdoor Movie Screening

Source: @Funflicks

Forget about conventional cinemas. An outdoor movie screening is definitely something different from your usual movie night. Why watch it in the cinema when you could enjoy a unique movie experience with your bae! Catching a movie under the star with your partner makes it extra romantic, isn’t it?

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