3 Reasons why Get Juiced is the place to get juiced

If you haven’t heard yet, Get Juiced created a storm when they opened their doors on 30th June. Why though? Here’s 3 reasons why: 1. Cashless and painless Get Juiced is the first and only cashless bar in Singapore. This means you don’t need to bring your hefty wallet out with the worry of losing it (especially if you had too much to drink). All you need is your phone. Just log on here and you can order/pay seamlessly online. You can even pre-order your drinks before heading down. So say goodbye to long queues and constant shouting just to get the bartender’s attention. Simply order, pay, collect. 2. Wallet friendly  Since everything is online, Get Juiced is able to provide you the cheapest deals in town! With drinks as low as $5 for a glass of hard liquor or beer, you wouldn’t need to blow your month’s salary on inflated drink prices. Plus, The Ladies Card members get 1 free cider this Wednesday. Still need more reasons? 3. There’s something for everyone Get Juiced has 3 different rooms, covering over an impressive 8000 square feet of space. There is a dance room, featuring local DJs like DJ Hanif and DJ Farah, for those with their dancing shoes on. There is a live room, featuring live bands like Midnight Kids, for those who love rocking to the beat. And there is a chill room, for those who simply just love to (yup) chill. Get Juiced is located at 3E River Valley Road, #02-01 Singapore.  Opening hours are from 7pm to 3/4am (Wednesday/Friday & Saturdays).
The Ladies Card member get 1 free cider this Wednesday (26th July)!

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